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Welcome to my Site! Over the years I have led my own band, The Knappen Street AllStar Band, collaborated with great musicians in several groups including Finjan, Black Sea Station, From Both Ends Of The Earth, as well I work regularly and on an ongoing basis with several artists on their respective projects, most notably Ted Longbottom, Woody Holler, and Karrnnel. In addition I have had the opportunity to work on a more casual basis with many wonderful musicians. I am also active as a music educator. In these pages I will give you an overview of my varied musical endeavors.

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  1. Tim Engbrecht #

    Hi Daniel… My wife, Esther and I used to live on Knappen and are good friends with Oliver and Rachel. You played at our wedding 10 years ago, and I would love to get a hold of some of the music from that time. Lots of good memories! Hope all is well. – Tim

    June 30, 2014
  2. Hi Danny,

    John Millard here. How are things with you? All well here. I’m just getting ready to install a pickup called Kavanjo. Ever heard of it? Grant at 12th Fret thinks its the bee’s knees for banjos playing with drums. (ie loud!)

    Anyhoo… My daughter and a chum are passing through Winnipeg in the next week or two. They are creating a theatre/film project and driving across Canada in an old Volvo. (Strange how these traditions continue.)

    I know this is a bit odd as I haven’t been in contact with you but their contact in Winnipeg has fallen through and I was wondering if your situation was fluid enough to incorporate two energetic and interesting young women for a day or two. They would most likely cook for you as a means of payment.

    Please feel free to say no! I know it’s a large and somewhat strange request.

    I hope you are well!

    All love,

    John Millard

    October 8, 2015

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